Blast from the Past: Benefits of a “Retro” Look

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on Jul 25th, 2011

The technological advances of modern game consoles like Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 allows the player the luxury of top notch graphics and online play. For younger gamers, consoles like the PS3 are the norm of gaming. However, for those who were around 20 years ago, they remember a simpler time in video games. What old time gamer could forget the console that started it all? The original Nintendo Entertainment System revolutionized video games.

This was the time when video games composed of game play that was simple and straight forward, and only required the use of a directional pad and two buttons. Even more memorable was the eight bit graphics and simple background music. Games at the time also came in a bulky cartridge.

Other forms of old school gaming were arcades. Arcades are now nearly extinct, though they can still be found in some places. The typical retro arcade was box shaped with a joystick and several buttons. For a quarter, players could keep themselves entertained for 10 minutes while away from home.

Game creators would benefit by taking advantage of the game nostalgia from gamers that were around during the original Nintendo era. No amount of awesome graphics or sophisticated gameplay could ever replace the memories of those who experienced the simplicity of early gaming.

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