Should DLC Be Available at Launch?

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on Jul 21st, 2011

While having a few special pieces of DLC available at launch may be a great way to attract customers to purchase special collectors editions, in general DLC shouldn’t be available at the launch date. Because DLC generally costs a lot of extra money, game companies will do nothing but anger their customers should they make DLC available on launch date. Why will this make customers angry? Because they will just feel that they are already paying for the game why should they have to pay extra for content that should have just been included in the game that was launched.

In addition to avoiding angering customers, by delaying the availability of DLC you can keep the interest of the customers longer. By offering DLC after the video game has been out for a few months, you can draw the player’s interest back into the game by giving them new things to do. Often times the added content in the game will draw the players back into the game and can give the game extended replay value. One thing to keep in mind about DLC is to keep the price appropriate for what is being added into the game. Customers won’t want to pay half the price of the game itself just to get a few extra quests or costumes.

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