When Does DLC Add to a Game?

Posted in Uncategorized by admin on Jul 17th, 2011

Ever wonder why, when in a online matchmaking room, you get kicked out because you don’t have the right map? Well, it could be you are suffering from a lack of downloadable content. DLC not only provides you with the latest maps in all your favorite first person shooters, there are hundreds of extra goodies that could be added to your favorite games. Once purchased from the online store in your gaming system, your downloadable content must be installed. Some games will automatically install the DLC when you select it from an in game menu and said characters, worlds, costumes, or whatever will be installed directly. Other times, the download appears as a demo or file ready to be installed under the game’s section of your system. Simply select the download and it should self install, providing you with whatever you happened to pay for. Typically your game must be the most updated version of the game in order for the DLC to install, however, it is tough to avoid updating a game on most systems if you ever choose to play online. While DLC typically costs a money, there are many free goodies to add to your favorite games.

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