Advertising and Games

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Games and advertising go hand in hand like, well, milk and oil. They’re not designed to work together but when used properly both can make an impact! Whether you’re used to watching commercials on your channels or you don’t know much about advertising at all, here are a few ways ad men are in your games:
Product Placement – just like in your favorite movie, your game characters are all about product placement, too. They use branded cars and weapons and companies can even buy space in some online worlds.
Tie-Ins – advertisements for movies have come a long way and now games are a natural extension of any good action movie. Think Tomb Raider and Harry Potter – devout fans of the movie are likely to buy and play the game, continuing the film’s legacy.
Packages – some products are directly packaging their items with game coupons, actual games or even t-shirts with game logos – they’re trying to reach the coveted young male demographic which is hard to get unless you’re in the game or shelling out big bucks for promo spots on TV.

Blast from the Past: Benefits of a “Retro” Look

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The technological advances of modern game consoles like Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 allows the player the luxury of top notch graphics and online play. For younger gamers, consoles like the PS3 are the norm of gaming. However, for those who were around 20 years ago, they remember a simpler time in video games. What old time gamer could forget the console that started it all? The original Nintendo Entertainment System revolutionized video games.

This was the time when video games composed of game (more…)

The Best Ways to Deter Game Piracy

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Gaming piracy has skyrocketed in recent years, and the industry has begun to suffer. Games that take tens of thousands of dollars to make are being downloaded for free online and installed on ‘modded’ systems or played through the computer. The anti-piracy practices of the day are only as good as the people who enforce them. Those people are you. Keep your ears open for website where you hear that games are being downloaded and write them down. (more…)

Should DLC Be Available at Launch?

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While having a few special pieces of DLC available at launch may be a great way to attract customers to purchase special collectors editions, in general DLC shouldn’t be available at the launch date. Because DLC generally costs a lot of extra money, game companies will do nothing but anger their customers should they make DLC available on launch date. Why will this make customers angry? Because they will just feel that they are already paying for the game why should they have to pay extra for content that should have just been included in (more…)

When Does DLC Add to a Game?

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Ever wonder why, when in a online matchmaking room, you get kicked out because you don’t have the right map? Well, it could be you are suffering from a lack of downloadable content. DLC not only provides you with the latest maps in all your favorite first person shooters, there are hundreds of extra goodies that could be added to your favorite games. Once purchased from the online store in your gaming system, your downloadable content must be installed. Some games (more…)